Thursday, 23 February 2012

Visiting Lecture Series

Nottingham Trent University: Philosophy in the Humanities Lecture Series.

Time 5-7

Venue: George Eliot 215, Clifton Campus

7th of March, Steve Tromans, Middlesex University, “Relating with the non-human: a Deleuzian ethological model of improvised music-making in events of performance”.

14th of March, David Webster, University of Gloucestershire, “Dispirited: A Non-Spiritual Manifesto.”

21st of March, Mark Sinclair, Manchester Metropolitan University, “Teaching-Led Research: Heidegger and the Idea of the University.”

11th of April, Miles Kennedy, NUI Galway, “Politically Man Dwells: Heidegger and the Occupy Movement.”

25th of April, Neil Turnbull, Nottingham Trent University, “Should we believe in Science?”

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